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Paycom in Greenwood Village, Colorado - Call me please

Molly, thank you for reaching out to us. Please contact your HR/payroll team directly regarding any issues or concerns you have regarding your login information and/or security questions. Visit the following URL for more information: http://paycom.com/contact-us/tips/
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I can't log into my account. My name is Molly Johnston, and my email is johns*********@gmail.com.

please call 303-842-**** or email a link to reset my password. I fear that someone hacked into my account because my security questions have been changed.

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Paycom reports need work - Resolved

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work together. Client success is of the utmost importance to us and we are glad you’re happy as a result of our efforts. We look forward to continuing to further our relationship.
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Bad quality
Preferred solution
fix the reporting

Update by user Feb 01, 2018

Called and they are working on reports.

Original review posted by user Jan 24, 2018

I am a CPA and used to refer my clients to Paycom. I also own their stock.

I have become increasingly frustrated with their reports and customer service. There is not a report that shows the payroll fees throughout the year. You must call them, request them to push reports and them manually add up the reports they push. This takes them time to do, last time I asked it took 2 days.

I have told many representatives their reports are lacking and the payroll fees shouldn't be that hard to find. I have used many different companies and will be referring others until they get this fixed.

Their reports system is also not user friendly. I love to support an Oklahoma company, but at this point, its not worth my efforts in the amount of lag time.

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Hate using paycom

Sean, we’re sorry you are frustrated and will have a member of our team reach out to you to see how we can assist you with enhancements to the system and other questions you may have. We look forward to working with you to resolve any concerns you may have.
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Reason of review
Bad quality

Paycom implemented "system enhancements" and took away the simple way we've been putting in our payroll for years. Seems as if some engineers wowed their bosses with a demo.

People that work there are quite nice, but still... I Hate, hate, hate it. We had previously inquired about using the online access portion of the service - the cost was exorbitant for simply giving employees a login, so we save payroll stubs to pdf and put them in dropbox for employees.

I'm finally making the time to search for an alternative - some of the cloud based accounting svcs offer everything integrated. Can't wait to dump paycom.

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Paycom - Account Review from Broomfield, Colorado

Response: “Our cloud-based software does require a pin, however, if you are referencing Paycom’s employee self-service module and need your password reset, please contact your HR/payroll department. For further help and guidance concerning your login credentials, please visit our FAQ page here: paycom.com/contact-us/faq/.
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Damaged or defective

My transaction pin was block during a network distortion and ever since den I have straggling, making enquiries on how to reset it but all to no avail. I can't even do any transaction with my account for up to 3 months now. It very bad.

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Paycom in Colorado Springs, Colorado - Overpromise and underdeliver - Resolved

We appreciate you bringing this to our team’s attention and are glad we were able to connect with you and resolve everything. Thank you for being a valued client of ours!
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Reason of review
Bad quality
Paycom - Overpromise and underdeliver

Update by user Oct 26, 2016

They eventually agreed to amend the W2 and the filing. They are also refunding the cost of the convertor.

Original review posted by user Oct 03, 2016

In our situation, we were promised many things by Paycom and even paid thousands for a payroll "convertor" which would convert our POS data to payroll upload which after a year has still not been delivered in a usable state.

We pay most of our employees commission and were told they could handle it. They couldn't. They aren't able to provide percentages and we had to change our commission rates to do a work-around, costing us close to $10,000 a year. Also, the sales dollars are getting counted as hours, so their paychecks never list their correct hours. . .

We we told they would be responsible for our payroll, don't worry. When they did the set-up for medical insurance they setup the owner using their "owner" setup. We told them numerous times it did not look like it was correct but they assured us it was. Then after year-end and our CPA review, we found it was not correct and we would have to get Paycom to redo all the tax forms and we would have to amend our corporate and private tax returns. Not only does Paycom want money to fix their error, they want a release because they "aren't responsible for payroll", they are "only and online payroll software provider".

On the good side, the staff are very nice. Unfortunately they are not given enough time or control to do the job right.

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Paycom in Los Angeles, California - Implementation Nightmare

We pride ourselves on our implementation process and would like to learn more about your specific situation as it does not align with our business practices. With many providers, employers are left to make the transition on their own, but our process is completely unique within the industry. Each of our new clients’ sales reps remain with the client throughout the first payroll, ensuring our clients have the help and support they need to make the process as simple as possible. After that time, clients are transferred to their long-term support specialist. Please note that during the transition process, clients are asked to verify data to ensure accuracy. Your happiness and satisfaction is greatly important to us. It is our goal to ensure we are doing everything possible to help streamline processes to better our clients’ lives.
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Reason of review
Not as described/ advertised

We were told we would be able to move off our PEO and the implementation timeline would be 6 weeks. 6 weeks AFTER our roll out date we still do not have a fully built system.

We spend numerous hours going over system specifications that we needed only to find out we had error due to duplicate ee' ID #'s which we made clear we had duplicates but were insured it wold not be an issue. There were many aspects we had the impression Paycom (after all the information we discussed and delivered to them) would be set up only to find out that half the configuration fell on our shoulders to complete. Multiple Direct Deposit issues on first payroll (hold you ee's responsible for setting up DD again, do not trust Paycom to import correctly! Bottom line if you go with Paycom give yourself AT LEAST 8 weeks to implement and hold them to strict deadlines.

Test everything BEFORE first payroll as reps asked me to wait and test it all out on our first payroll, and do not be afraid to escalte beyond your direct reps. FINALLY make sure you clearly ask what is not included in the base package.

They sell you thinking so many elements are included when really they are add ons. Implementation nightmare but ultimately better then our previous platform for employee ease of use.

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