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Paycom is dedicated to providing our clients and their employees with the most accurate information. We work with your employer to process payrolls submitted on their behalf. As a publicly-traded company, we hold ourselves to the highest standard to meet and exceed government-regulated financial processes for not only our clients, but also ourselves. If you have a question concerning your pay stub, please reach out to your payroll/HR department for further assistance.

My Company switched to paycom about three years ago and it seems when I check my paycom check stubs and check detail they often do not match with my timecard submissions. Also there are on many occasions where there are mistakes that show as minus entries and then corrected in the next line.

I can’t be sure but I think something is squarely about there accounting practices. I can not seem to verify my earnings with paycoms check detail accounting practices mistakes that show as minus entries

Reason of review: mistakes that show as minus entries .

Preferred solution: mistakes that show as minus entries .

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