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We’re sorry you are unhappy with your Paycom experience. Our goal is to provide 5-star service to both our clients and users. We'd like to learn more about what you'd like to see from Paycom. Please fill out this form:
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Jim, we understand you are unhappy with your experience with Paycom. A member of our client support team will reach out to you.
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Payroll Services
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Paycom - Failure to File our Taxes

Jim, we are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your experience with Paycom and appreciate you bringing it our attention. A member of our team will reach out to you regarding your comments and we will share your experience with our leadership team. We look forward to the opportunity to resolve this matter with your organization.
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  • Poor service
Reason of review
Bad quality

After a horrendous implementation process, months of mistakes, and terrible customer service we fired Paycom. While our horrible experience with Paycom resulted in losing more than $30,000, it was our only option, since the system was never going to work as promised by the salespeople.

Once we moved on from Paycom, we thought this whole nightmare was behind us. We were dead wrong. We received notification from the IRS that Paycom neglected to file our taxes for three quarters. When we contacted Paycom, their response was that they did know they were supposed to file our taxes--which is nonsense.

We were told that someone from the Tax Department would get in contact with us. It's been more than a month, and no one has contacted us, and our repeated calls have gone no where. We get a standard response that "they are working on it, and they will call us back."

Since no one will get back to us, and we don't know who to contact, I am posting this review in hopes that we can get the help we need to get our taxes filed.

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Paycom in Los Angeles, California - Payroll Nightmare!

We’re sorry you were unhappy with your experience with Paycom and appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention. As we are committed to top shelf customer service and the success of our clients, we’d like to learn more about your experience to share with our leadership team. A member of our team will reach out to you to discuss your experience further.
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  • Failure to fulfill their promises
Reason of review
Bad quality

Update by user Aug 02, 2018

I did receive a follow-up call from Paycom. Unfortunately, it was too late; we had already terminated our services with Paycom.

Nevertheless, we recently received a notice from the IRS that Paycom failed to file our 941. Not sure how a payroll company could neglect to file a 941, as this is one of of their basic functions, but Paycom did.

It's unbelievable that a payroll company could be this terrible. I am left wondering how Paycom manages to stay in business...

Original review posted by user Jul 03, 2018

Our company’s experience with Paycom has been nothing short of a nightmare. The implementation was a total failure, which resulted in more in more than 50 employees not getting paid or paid incorrectly on our first payroll. The problem was created by Paycom pulling inactive information from our existing payroll company, and loading the inactive information into Paycom. This created a situation where employees’ direct deposits went into the wrong accounts or closed accounts. The mistakes were not just limited to the direct deposits. Paycom managed to get most of our deductions (Section 125, 401(K), advances, etc.) wrong, as well.

We all hoped that once we got passed the implementation failure, the system would work as promised. Unfortunately, the implementation problems were just the tip of the iceberg. We encountered problems with most of Paycom’s products. The ACA software and support was a joke. With our previous payroll provider, ADP, getting the 1095s completed took about 10 minutes, with Paycom it two days.

Additionally, our implementation team couldn’t get our GL to work, and managed to make matters worse every time they tried to help. At this time, we are paying our accountant to get our GL fixed, but Paycom messed it up so badly, even our accountant has not been successful in getting the GL work.

The ultimate insult to injury was that Paycom underpaid our quarterly taxes by nearly $10,000. Like all of Paycom’s shortcomings, they never took responsibility for their mistake, but blamed ADP for the mistake—even though ADP wasn’t responsible for our taxes during that quarter.

Due to all of the issues we had with Paycom, we couldn’t even fire them, until we had these problems corrected. After six agonizing months, and more than $40,000 wasted, we were finally able to terminate our services with Paycom. Choosing Paycom was the biggest, and costliest, mistake our company has ever made.

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Paycom - Review in Accounting category from Los Angeles, California

Did you know that if your employer has purchased and enabled Employee Self-Service, you can log into Paycom from your smartphone, tablet or any device that has internet connection? In fact, we also have training courses for our clients’ employees where we walk them through the Paycom system. For questions regarding your paycheck, please reach out to your payroll/HR department. We process payrolls submitted on behalf of our clients.
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Reason of review
Problems with payment

my company switched from a simple timeclock to paycom the worse experience ever we loose time logging into paycom everyday havent even got payed on my paydate it makes me want to quit my job that ive been at for 4 yrs

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Paycom in Los Angeles, California - Implementation Nightmare

We pride ourselves on our implementation process and would like to learn more about your specific situation as it does not align with our business practices. With many providers, employers are left to make the transition on their own, but our process is completely unique within the industry. Each of our new clients’ sales reps remain with the client throughout the first payroll, ensuring our clients have the help and support they need to make the process as simple as possible. After that time, clients are transferred to their long-term support specialist. Please note that during the transition process, clients are asked to verify data to ensure accuracy. Your happiness and satisfaction is greatly important to us. It is our goal to ensure we are doing everything possible to help streamline processes to better our clients’ lives.
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Reason of review
Not as described/ advertised

We were told we would be able to move off our PEO and the implementation timeline would be 6 weeks. 6 weeks AFTER our roll out date we still do not have a fully built system.

We spend numerous hours going over system specifications that we needed only to find out we had error due to duplicate ee' ID #'s which we made clear we had duplicates but were insured it wold not be an issue. There were many aspects we had the impression Paycom (after all the information we discussed and delivered to them) would be set up only to find out that half the configuration fell on our shoulders to complete. Multiple Direct Deposit issues on first payroll (hold you ee's responsible for setting up DD again, do not trust Paycom to import correctly! Bottom line if you go with Paycom give yourself AT LEAST 8 weeks to implement and hold them to strict deadlines.

Test everything BEFORE first payroll as reps asked me to wait and test it all out on our first payroll, and do not be afraid to escalte beyond your direct reps. FINALLY make sure you clearly ask what is not included in the base package.

They sell you thinking so many elements are included when really they are add ons. Implementation nightmare but ultimately better then our previous platform for employee ease of use.

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