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Paycom holds itself to the highest ethical standards, and as a publicly-traded company, adheres to all government regulations regarding our process for hiring, selling, protecting our clients’ data and much more. Additionally, we love for our employees to tell their story on popular career websites, but most certainly do not force anyone to write a review. Also, everything submitted to these review sites is completely anonymous. Our sales organization’s mission is to win with the truth and everyone within the team is held to that standard.

Worked there for a while and that was the most unethical company I've ever experienced. It got to the point I was afraid to tell people where I worked.

They only hire "young and attractive people" was the exact term from a hiring manager when a 30 year old was interviewed for sales. They also prefer not to hire anyone with prior sales experience because they want them to only know unethical sales techniques. You are encouraged to lie to make sales. I've seen sales straight lie to a clients face in order to get them to purchase "software". This was frustrating to see a small company use 30K of their budget soley for a feature that doesn't exist.

Also, the company forces new hires to write "good" reviews on websites like glassdoor. Then, use their rating on glassdoor as a recruiting tool. On top of that the company has a policy that you can't use your personal computer for work because you deal with client personal information. However, you have to a laptop to do your job and middle management tells you to ignore that rule. That leads to 20-something year olds leaving the company with thousands of bank account numbers, SSN, addresses, DOB, etc. It is disaster waiting to happen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Paycom Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Please take notice that Paycom Payroll, LLC (“Plaintiff”) has initiated an action in the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas (OH) – Paycom Payroll, LLC v. Reviewers 1-7 (Case A160****) – due to allegedly false and disparaging statements published concerning Plaintiff on Pissed Consumer, including this review.

In the Action, Plaintiff seeks to subpoena the records of Opinion Corp (d/b/a for identifying information pertaining to the author of this and the other reviews. You may have a right to file and serve a response to the subpoena anonymously.

If you intend to file and serve a response, please do so, or notify us of your intent to do so, on or before June 23, 2016, by emailing us at DefLaw@***.com.


I agree with this post. Their entire staff are young and attractive individuals (just skim through their LinkedIn accounts for a look). The talent acquisition stated that I was not confident so they did not hire me - when the real reason was not because I didn't have exquisite sales experience, and definitely not my level of confidence but the way I looked.


This post is just garbage. I work for Paycom and it is the best company out there.

It is growing fast and expanding rapidly. I have not been asked to write positive reviews but I will not hesitate to do so because the only thing I can complain about is the parking. I have not seen anything unethical and not only "young and attractive" people are hired there. I work with many people of all varieties on a daily basis.

But then again, I work at the cooperate location not in sales, so maybe I don't know what I am talking about.

But, I am proud to be a part of the Paycom family! I cannot wait to see what we can accomplish in the future!


GaD you set up your own security questions to prevent people from getting access. Paycom has interest in hacking your information.


This is completely untrue


They do seem to have a rather elaborate personal security questions process, which requires me to run the gamut of possible answers (obviously, I should've written these down somewhere) to no avail. Can't help wondering if all of these failed attempts on my part to access my payroll data are actually a successful means of providing this clearly sinister company with more personal data than they would ever need for my payroll processing. Please keep me in the loop on any future class action suits, or the like.


So are you saying that they only provide desktops to their sales representatives and you have to use your personal laptop for client appointments? Absurd!