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Eric, thank you for your feedback. We will share it with our product development team. We do differ from Indeed as we offer the full suite of human resources technology such as payroll, time and attendance, benefits administration, etc. This means each of our clients has their own system and unique data which requires us to provide the appropriate data security. For more information about our security standards, please visit:

Hi -- this is the only way apparently to contact someone at Paycom. I just wanted to let you know that the application website that Paycom hosts for companies is deeply flawed and sub-standard.

I had applied for 2 jobs to a company that uses your application site. When I was shuttled back to a paycom-hosted employee application site to do an application for yet another company, I was shocked to see that my information -- all the elaborate information that you require applicants to fill out -- which by the way takes hours (not that paycom cares!), was not there. What a totally inefficient, user-unfriendly site you've designed. Paycom doesn't mind wasting hours of job applicants' time.

That's the kind of company you are. The fact that there is no way to get help at the application site is a further example of how paycom does not care about people. Superior companies like Indeed allow applicants to RETAIN their info, and use that to apply to a host of different companies. But according the paycom operator I spoke with, each company that uses paycom for applications is in a separate silo, and you can't bring information "over" from previous applications.

I think your CEO should try applying to 2 different jobs through a paycom-hosted application portal.

That person might find it seriously cuts into his or her yacht time. Good luck Paycom -- you are a company that has zero regard for people (I mean the little ones, not the big company owner$$$).

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Paycom Cons: No technical support for users, Unwieldy websiteno technical support for users.

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