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Jasper, Alabama
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setting up a program (over a year ago) that you never use. that requires you to have to have all security questions EXACTLY correct.

is terrible. I put in my username, password, of course i know the last 4 of my social. I know every answer to my security questions. but the have to have the EXACT characters in them.....

this isnt the pentagon, im just wanting to make sure im getting taxed properly unlike the previous year.

but thats not imprtant right??? lets just lock me out of my account so that all hopes of getting in to it is futile............

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Alpharetta, Georgia, United States #1181909

I'm really sorry that you're having issues!!

As a busy business person who probably wears a ton of hats, I can understand why you need something efficient.

I work with ADP and my job is to help people just like you. Can I give you a call and see if ADP would make sense for you?

My email is reply with the best contact for you. Thanks!