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At Paycom, we want to ensure our clients enjoy their user experience. Did you know that we offer several methods of training for our clients and their employees? In addition to the manuals on the Help Menu, we offer online training courses that walk clients through the system which also offers recommended processes to ensure transactions run smoothly. More training courses are being added monthly.
Bothell, Washington
Customer service
Price Affordability

This is the worst payroll software I've ever used. I can't believe somebody referred to it as a 'Cadillac' and was only unhappy with the customer service.

I haven't found the customer service necessarily lacking but you can't make customers happy when your product is garbage. The core payroll package requires numerous manual overrides and work-arounds just to get employees paid. The add-on features are complicated and almost useless. The online 'manuals' only explain the simplest tasks that anyone with IQ of 85 could figure out on their own.

Most of the features are completely undocumented. The worst part is they are more expensive than any other system that I have tried out.

I'll give them this: they have a great sales team.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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