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Paycom is your single system of record where all of employee information is stored and can be accessed easily upon login. We pride ourselves on our implementation process, where our sales rep remains with our new clients until they run their first payroll, after which, our clients are transitioned to their long-term care representative. Our customer service model also ensures each time you call, you’ll talk to a person and not receive a recorded message. Regarding our Enhanced ACA module, we are proud of our robust tool that helped many employers mitigate their ACA reporting concerns. We did our due-diligence and verified the accuracy of our application.
Dunedin, Florida

This company should be shut down. Every time they do a "update" saved information is lost.

ACA is not compliant. Trouble saving Data, and losing data. Sales representative will abandon you and refer you to a call center after they get your money. I have worked with companies of all sizes and have never seen such an unreliable company, unethical, rude and take no responsibility for their products.

Will not provide ANY support. Calls were even made to corporate management numerous times with no return call.

Product or Service Mentioned: Paycom Payroll Services.

Reason of review: ALL OF THE ABOVE .

I didn't like: Any aspect of customer service, Actual software, Support staff.

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At this point, a service like BoomTax is the only way to go. It's by far the easiest ACA provider we've seen.



I'm with ADP and have met with a lot of Paycom's clients that are having similar issues.

Even though switching in the middle of the year isn't easy, I would love to speak with you to see if we can alleviate some of the problems you are having.

I can provide you with a long list of testimonials from clients that are very satisfied with our handling of their ACA reporting.

Looking forward to speaking with you.

Perry Johnson (469) 520-3837


What about aca is not compliant? We ate getting ready to file with them soon.

to Anonymous #1097269

I am currently a client of Paycom. I strongly recommend you learn and fully understand ACA for yourself.

I have been going back and forth with them for weeks on the 1095's. they will not even fully populate, and what does populate is far from correct. We paid for the Enhanced ACA. They told me that the ACA team have reviewed our accounts and everything looked good.

Well, it wasn't even close to "good" and you only get silence when you ask them how they possibly could have actually reviewed anything and said it was all good when I have just shown them how messed up it is. Enhanced ACA has been a total waste of money for us. The data produced is wrong.

I am thankful I put myself through ACA training.

I feel for any company who is just relying on Paycom for their 1095's. Paycom makes very sure that what you sign relieves them of any liability. if you trust how they complete your 1095's be prepared to be left with any penalties for incorrect filings. I hate to think the state we would be in right now if the deadlines had not been extended this year.

Paycom's system does not work properly and as of today they can't seem to get it fixed.

I have already begun setting appointments with other vendors. This ridiculous mess with the ACA reporting was the icing on the cake to the long list of issues we have had with Paycom since day one. We are making a change.

I only lasted this long because of all the money we spent on implementations fees to get set up with them.

In summary, with ACA reporting or anything else to do with payroll, accruals, etc, it is in your best interest to fully understand how to do it all yourself so that you can continually correct the mess.

We do much of our work manually because Paycom's output cannot be trusted. And then they don't accept responsibility or liability for their actions.

to Anonymous #1099008

Did you have benefits administration with Paycom? My understanding is that if you do it is supposed to calculate it for you...if you don't you are SOL.

to Anonymous #1101653

That is correct to a point. We have benefits admin.

However there are so many bugs in the ACA system that it is still producing incorrect 1095's. new issues just arose yesterday (1/26) and I was told by our rep that I was the second of her clients to contact her about the issue. The system suddenly just randomly switched all the 1095 codes from what should have been 2H to 2C. 2H means the person declined our coverage.

2C means they took it. It clearly shows in the system that they declined the coverage but for some unknown reason, on the backend it suddenly shows as though they also took coverage. Doesn't even make any sense.

2 days left now to approve the final 1095's and they are still trying to figure out and fix the problem. So they will complete your forms but there is a very good chance they will be incorrect.