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Leeza, we appreciate you contacting us. Our team has attempted to follow up with you regarding this matter using the email you provided when submitting your feedback. Periodically, when a new client or employee is entering their data in Paycom, they may inadvertently key in inaccurate information such as an email. It’s important to us that our clients and their employees have access to their email notifications. If you continue to receive emails from our system, please respond to the email from our representative and we will be happy to resolve the matter. Thank you.

In 40 years consulting and full time as a technology VP, I have never dealt with such incompetence from a vendor before.

This morning, I opened my email to find a system generated message from Paycom payroll services. I quickly contacted my current and prior employer to see which was using this payroll vendor. It was neither of them. I scoured the internet seeing if this was some sort of Phishing expedition. What I found was a ton of complaints from user about Paycom. In visiting the Paycom site, I noticed that this is in the Cloud, so they are hosting the data, yet there was no email contacts in any of their offices, no technical support, no online chat, just a phone numbers?

I phoned Paycom and that so called number is staffed with admin assistants with no information, just a script telling users with issues to contact the employer, even after explaining that my current or prior employer do not use their service.

Paycom puts all the onus on their clients to assist users with technical issues with their software?

What a poor business model and a pitiful technical model. And I still do not know how my information ended up in THEIR cloud based database.



Tue 1/15/2019, 10:46 PM

TO: My Email

You have received the following document(s) to complete:


Please log into your Paycom Employee Self-Service and go to "Documents - Action-Required Documents" to review these document(s).

Product or Service Mentioned: Paycom Payroll Services.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Email me and tell me who the Sam Hill entered my information into your cloud database.

Paycom Cons: Customer service is non existent, No technical support for users, Unknowledgeable staff.

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